Question about juju instance id in lxd cloud

Hi all,

The recent beta 3.1 release introduces creating vms in lxd cloud, described in I would like to ask if there is any workaround or if you are plannning on allowing the option to change the instance id of a particular machine created in a bootstrapped lxd cloud? In the example one shows

Notice the `virt-type` is correctly set in mongo.

$ juju mongo juju:PRIMARY> db.instanceData.find() { "_id" : "c495559c-2c38-4072-866a-25fadc29c7bc:0", "machineid" : "0", "instanceid" : "juju-29c7bc-0", "display-na

How can I access the db?

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I don’t believe so; may I ask the use case for being able to specify the instance ID?

Mainly for organisational purposes. I would like to name particular instance depanding on the application I plan to install there