Python Operator Framework (ops) 2.0.0 final released

The Charm Tech team has just released the final version of ops 2.0.0. The main feature addition is support for Juju Secrets (requires Juju 3.0.2+). It also now requires Python 3.8+ rather than 3.5+.

There are a couple of changes that may break certain tests (though none that should break charms themselves): removal of SIMULATE_CAN_CONNECT (it’s effectively on by default now), and relatedly, making begin_with_initial_hooks() set can_connect to True and fire pebble-ready for all containers. Full changelog here.

It’s available from PyPI by using pip install ops, which should pick up the latest version.

Thanks all for your help testing 2.0.0rc2. There were a few charm tests that needed minor fixes to the SIMULATE_CAN_CONNECT and begin_with_initial_hooks changes, but we didn’t find any issues in ops itself, so 2.0.0 refers to the same commit at 2.0.0rc2.