Pylibjuju 2.9.5 Release Notes

The Juju team is proud to release Pylibjuju 2.9.5!

Pylibjuju enables you to drive Juju from Python, easing operations from day 2 and beyond. It is a toolkit for adding automation to your projects. Pylibjuju enables you to manage your Juju controllers, models, applications and units.

This is a release of the Pylibjuju 2.9, which corresponds to Juju 2.9 track.

How do I get it?

The best way to get your hands on this release of Pylibjuju is to use pypi:

pip install juju

What’s Changed

New Contributors

Full Changelog:

Feedback Appreciated!

We encourage everyone to let us know how you’re using Pylibjuju. Please ask questions on on Discourse, send us a message on Twitter using the hashtag #jujucharms.

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this is quite a welcome sight to see… wondering if there’s any example docs out there showing usecases?

I want to trigger a juju action when a particular event completes from within the model’s units and thinking I could stand up a microservice with this under the covers but… might need to read up first on this

in a summary I have a meltano pipeline executing… when it goes green and has completed I simply want to modify the permissions on a postgres DB to allow apache superset’s configured user access to the newly created schemas, tables, etc…

was thinking to use juju actions but… the postgresql charm is not mine to modify so I am trying to figure out do I manually run the action as a set of scripted commands… or how will this work if I’m doing them via psql command (I haven’t looked into it by assuming I can run .sql files against psql via some flag like psql --file_to_run my_custom_script.sql

Not sure about your particular use case, however, we do keep a folder in the repo that you can check out to see some example uses of pylibjuju:

Hope it helps :+1:

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