Prometheus charm is broken, how to get best debug logging to report it?/fix it?

Hi there,

I am happy to report I am starting to use LXD / Juju SO much that I need prometheus now to monitor the situation… so I went to grab it from the store and womp womp… failed to install.

juju deploy cs:prometheus-7

I filed a bug but I wanted to reach out here and ask… what logs would help or how do I help best fix this?

I tried $ juju debug-log --replay --include-module prometheus/0 but nothing comes out

edit: it appears it is using trusty… perhaps I merely need to bump that OS upward?

edit2: it seems to be…progressing?? when forced to use bionic

$ juju deploy cs:prometheus-7 --series bionic
ERROR series "bionic" not supported by charm, supported series are: trusty,xenial. Use --force to deploy the charm anyway.
$ juju deploy cs:prometheus-7 --series bionic --force
Located charm "cs:prometheus-7".
Deploying charm "cs:prometheus-7".

output in juju says “ready”


So I am seeing there is a “prometheus2” charm juju deploy cs:prometheus2-19 , and spun that up instead now…

when I relate grafana… it is a bit unclear, so I am just guessing I need to change the suggested relation instructions slightly…

from this

 juju add-relation prometheus:grafana-source grafana:grafana-source
ERROR application "prometheus" not found (not found)

to this…

$ juju add-relation prometheus2:grafana-source grafana:grafana-source

fingers cross this works… seems the old charm could use either a refresh or… clarity as to the fact that it’s really not meant to be used anymore

additional question :

anyone used node exporter | Juju ?

when I tried deploying it to a pre-existing unit… got an error and unsure how to proceed… readme seems a bit sparse

 juju deploy cs:~canonical-bootstack/trusty/node-exporter-2 --to 185
Located charm "cs:~canonical-bootstack/trusty/node-exporter-2".
Deploying charm "cs:~canonical-bootstack/trusty/node-exporter-2".
ERROR cannot use --num-units or --to with subordinate application

Unfortunately, like the prometheus charm, this is an early, now abandoned charm. I suggest checking out the Telegraf charm - it provides much the same functionality as node-exporter (more in many ways) and is in active use and maintained.

I’ll ask someone to update the README for the prometheus and node-exporter charm to make it clearer that they’re no longer maintained.

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@jamesbeedy might have a pointer to good charms for node exporter. Telegraf works too. I have a lightweight version charmed up for centos that you cloud look at too for reference.

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Thank you both,

I think I stumbled on this one from James

I kind of want to try this before I move into any other stack, but will take a look at Telegraf soon after!

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