Postgresql charm doesn't support Jammy 22.04 yet

Just wanted to ask how I can work around the fact that… one of my charms seems to not support 22.04 … is there a way to call out for that charm to just back off the jammy series and use 20.04’s base?

this blocks me using a bundle on 22.04 but I feel like there must be an easy way to just tell my bundle for that specific charm it’s okay to use focal/bionic etc…?

EDIT: asked the team via launchpad

when I tried simply adding the series under postgresql

series: jammy 
    charm: postgresql
    series: focal
    num_units: 1
    - "1"

I get this

- add unit postgresql/0 to new machine 0
ERROR cannot deploy bundle: cannot add unit for application "postgresql": acquiring machine to host unit "postgresql/0": cannot assign unit "postgresql/0" to machine 0: series does not match