Placement directive

In Juju, a placement directive is an option based on the --to flag that can be passed to certain commands to specify a deploy location, where the commands include add-machine , add-unit , bootstrap , deploy , enable-ha and the location is (1) an existing or a new machine ID or (2) a key-value pair specifying a subnet, system ID, or an availability zone.

Example: juju add-machine --to 1, juju deploy --to zone=us-east-1a

The rest of this document gives details about the locations.

When the location is a key-value pair, its availability and meaning may vary from cloud to cloud. For details see List of supported clouds > <cloud name>.


List of placement directive locations


The machine ID.

Examples: 1 (existing machine 1), lxd:5 (new container on machine 5), 5/lxd/0 (existing container 0 on machine 5)

See more: Machine designations


Available for Azure and AWS EC2.

system-id=<system ID>

Available for MAAS.


Purpose: To specify an availability zone.

The zone placement directive may be used to override a zones constraint.

Example: zone=us-east-1a