Phpmyadmin with juju


Apparently, there was a charm called phpmyadmin (Deploy Lamp using Charmhub - The Open Operator Collection). It is no longer in the charmhub. Is there a way to add phpmyadmin with juju?

Edit: Also found this: Activity log : Bug #1350023 : Bugs : phpmyadmin package : Juju Charms Collection (

Hello @artur-kowalczyk-nxsa! Welcome, and thank you for the question.

It looks like phpmyadmin is no longer supported. You could try building the charm from the launchpad source, but it looks like that code is fairly old and out of date.

@jnsgruk do you know if we have any plans around an updated bundle for LAMP stack charms?

I don’t know that anyone is working on that in Canonical, certainly not in product engineering.