Ownership of juju-qa-test

One of our test charms (juju-qa-test) is currently only owned by the juju-qa bot account. We’d like to at least add the Juju team (Juju Engineering in Launchpad) as a collaborator, or even move the ownership completely over.

I can do either. Which one do you prefer?

  • Daniel

@roadmr probably easiest to change the ownership to the team.

Done :100:

Transfer juju-qa-test to juju
{'ok': True}

  • Daniel

Thank you, @roadmr. However, I’m trying to see the charm in https://charmhub.io/charms and I see a lot of other charms owned by ~juju and Juju Release Engineering and Landscape and other teams that I’m part of, but I don’t see juju-qa-test. Does it take a while for that page to change?

Can we please get the juju-qa-bundle-test ownership changed the same?

@hmlanigan it is done, but please check https://charmhub.io/charms and let me know if you don’t see it there - just in case we need to do a bit of magic to fix some bits.

  • Daniel

Found it on the website - thank you!

Also please can we add the “juju” team as a collaborator of the “juju-controller” charm


Add ['juju'] to collaborate on juju-controller
Setting collabs for charm WV4pShb4jnG1eXAB8HMypujHRKRXMRW9 owned by uXRIE0UEKXrCYlOTUoiy5IiEaxcNxyOO to ['TjHGXyymmTJYH5LVJLw1kyhD1NTJSy0Q']
{'ok': True}