OVN: Remove tracks


For the following charms:

  • ovn-central
  • ovn-chassis
  • ovn-dedicated-chassis

We currently have two set of tracks for these charms, one set named after the upstream major version, and another named after a OpenStack version.

At the time of creation we thought this would be of help to our users, but it has become apparent that this is only a source of confusion. Moving forward we will also seek to bring recent versions of OVN and OVS for use with older versions of Ubuntu and OpenStack, so the OpenStack versioned track does not make sense anymore.

As such we would like to remove these tracks for the above mentioned charms:

Track name

Tracks can NOT be removed :frowning:

The best we can offer is for you to close them:

charmcraft close ovn-central openstack-ussuri/stable

and so on for all the risks (stable, candidate, beta, edge) and all the tracks.

Feel free to script this, it’ll save you time :slight_smile:

If you’re curious as to why we can’t delete tracks, it’s super messy:


  • Daniel