OVN Charm and VXLAN

Hello guys,

I have deployed an Openstack Cloud based on Ubuntu 22.04 and Yoga versions. Whenever I create a new tenant network, by default it gets assigned an encapsulation of type geneve. I have configured the following options on neutron-api

default-tenant-network-type: vxlan
vni-ranges: 100:69999
overlay-network-type: vxlan

However, I assume that neutron-api-plugin-ovn charm has something to do with everything being geneve. Is that charm really necessary? For compatibility reasons I would like to use VXLAN instead of geneve, at least for the time being.

Thank you in advance.

I ran a few additional tests. I can create a VXLAN network manually from the Horizon Dashboard (Admin Panel), I can connect that network to a router and I can interconnect the Geneve tenant network to the VXLAN tenant network. The only issue I have then is that by default, the networks are created as geneve instead of VXLAN.

I’m not an OVN expert, but I believe that the OVN developers mandate that geneve is used. e.g. see https://docs.ovn.org/en/latest/faq/general.html q3 where they talk about the extensions that geneve has over plain vxlan.