OSM mano VIM creation issue

the installation is performed on dedicated server on proxmox .

  • VM1 (openstack train -controller node ): IP →
  • VM2 (MANO v10): IP
  • Ping controller- MANO: ok
  • Ping MANO - controller :ok
  • After installation on openstack client on MANO VM2 and run. admin-openrc , MANO can discover image list , flavor list… existiong in openstack . Output of : _AUTH_URL= -OK

In openstack i have a provider network , type : Flat to allow instances connect to the internet.

as whenever i log-in to MANO web interface to create vim ( or by CLI ), the operational state equals to “error”.

According to MANO site , it’s recomanded to create on openstack an isolated provider:physical_network, but this opetion its not working in my case .

Any kind of help would be much appreciated, as I’ve being struggling for a week now. Thanks in advance!