ops library 2.13.0 released: testing user secrets with Harness

The Charm Tech team has just released version 2.13.0 of ops!

It’s available from PyPI by using pip install ops, which will pick up the latest version. Upgrade by running pip install --upgrade ops, and pin with ops == 2.12.0 if you want this specific version.

The main feature in this release is the ability to work with user secrets (secrets that a Juju admin adds to the model) in Harness. You’ll want to start with the new add_user_secret() method and from there can mostly manage them in the same way as application secrets.

Note also that one of the fixes corrects the type of config values, which were previously strongly typed as str, when they may be int, float, bool, or str. This may break your existing type checks, although we have endeavoured to reach out preemptively with PRs to address this where possible.

There are also the usual set of small fixes and improvements, including to the documentation and tests.

Read more in the full release notes on GitHub.