OpenStack Charms

OpenStack Charms are a collection of Charmed Operators used to deploy and manage enterprise grade OpenStack clouds using MAAS and Juju, simplifying the deployment and operations of OpenStack.

Charmed Operators, also called simply “charms”, contain specific knowledge for deployment and lifecycle management of applications and services. As such, you will find the OpenStack charms collection consists of one charm per OpenStack service as well as key services critical to a production grade OpenStack cloud, such as RabbitMQ and MySQL.

Getting started

Learn how to deploy an OpenStack cloud using OpenStack Charmed Operators. New users should start here.

How-to guides

Read step-by-step guides detailing how to work with OpenStack Charmed Operators, including key tasks for successful deployment and operations.


Dive deep into the concepts and details of how OpenStack services are set up and managed using OpenStack Charmed Operators.


Reference material for developers of OpenStack Charmed Operators and administrators of Charmed OpenStack clouds, including the definitive list of OpenStack charms and the release schedule.

Release notes

View the release notes for all versions of OpenStack Charms, including the one currently in development.


Get involved in the OpenStack Charms community!


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