Openstack vs LXD

Hello experts, Please, can you explain it to me in a simplified way in a bare metal/MAAS scenario, in which I intend to operate Kubernetes, using LXD, would there be a need to also install Openstack? What is the advantage of using LXD and Openstack together? In this Ubuntu tutorial, - there is no Openstack, only LXD. Could you delete LXD and just use only OpenStack? Thank you all.

Hey @penacleiton!

So, I would first and foremost look at your actual use-case(es) before making your decisions running a large scale operations including maas, openstack, lxd and k8. The amount of effort keeping your stacks alive and performing will be significant.

Here are my recommendations.

  1. If you have 10+ bare metals. Invest in a MAAS installation.
  2. If you are a SME with a limited amount of need for containers, lets say below 254. Go with a LXD cloud only in you MAAS.
  3. If you love K8, deploy a K8 in your MAAS.
  4. Figure out if you can do without K8 or LXD. If you don’t need/want both - stay with one.
  5. If you intend to run a large scale operations, like with multiple teams (tenants) or build a public cloud with 10+ organizations/departments - then run your openstack.

My above, hugely over-simplified reasoning is anchored in the fact the all these systems above will drive operational expenses and complexity. For example, you would need staff that are skilled in all the tech you are going to put in there + not to mention all the monitoring (observability) stacks that are specific to all the above mentioned systems.

Calculate (at a minimum) with:

  1. MAAS: 0.5 operational staff + 0.5 backup
  2. LXD: 0.5 operational staff + 0,5 backup
  3. K8: 0.5 operational staff + 0.5 backup
  4. openstack: 2 operational staff + 1 backup.

The numbers above grows unless you have juju.


Awesome @erik-lonroth Thank you

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Glad to help =) Let me know if you need help. My company does these things.

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Hi @erik-lonroth,

I finally managed to install the 7 Asus X-99-WS/IPMI machines and I am focused on deploying MAAS, understanding that it is the basis of everything.

However, he does not recognize the machines, presenting the message:

Failed to query node’s BMC - No rack controllers can access the BMC of node

How can I make contact with your company to solve this impasse and maybe hire a consultancy after that?

About my difficulty, I commented on a similar topic, here:

The topic of the discussion is similar to my case: Can't deploy to Dell R430 server - Users - Canonical MAAS | Discourse

Thank you, again

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Send me a DM and I can get you in contact with our team.

Meanwhile, I think your MAAS issue might be a good thing to also seek resolving in the forum.

Have you verified that maas host (rackd host) can connect (ping)?

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Thank you, @erik-lonroth

I sent a DM and inform there the result of the dig xxx.maas

In fact, I have already presented all the problems and the files and prints of my MAAS in this discussion, whose link is above, and I reproduce here:

Can't deploy to Dell R430 server - Users - Canonical MAAS | Discourse? U=penacleiton

I’m getting precious tips from @marcus here in the discussion on the subject, and I think everything will work out, although sometimes I feel kind of lost, but it’s a lack of knowledge of this ecosystem.


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