OpenStack ussuri

Hi I’ve recently installed openstack ussuri via juju and it is working fine. I’ve installed almost all of the cloud ready images(qcow2). The problem is that when I install ubuntu cloud 20.04, I cant see the prompt from Spice console although I can see the prompt of ubuntu on Log tab and I can connect to the instance via SSH. It stuck on Booting From Hard Disk. For the other distros like Fedora Centos and Cirros I dont have this problem.

I searched a lot and changed all suggested solutions on my nova computes like :
hw_machine_type = x86_64=pc-i440fx-focal

virt_type = kvm

hw_disk_bus = ide

None of them is working. I really appreciate it if anyone has a solution for this problem.
PS: why the image format of the Ubuntu Cloud is IMG while the command: qemu-img info ubuntu.img shows file format qcow2