Openstack: ovn-chassis not creating bridge

Guys, I forgot to change network variables in bundle.yaml and now I have problem that unit ovn-chassis cannot find eno2.
I have ens18 and ens19 , how can I fix or maybe map the network?

I went through netplan and changed ens19 to eno2 it, now I don’t see any error in ’ juju status’ but maybe it is not a proper way to fix the problem.

I’d appreciate if you let me know.

If you have a heterogeneous set of machines participating in your cloud with differing interface names you can provide a list of MAC addresses to the bridge-interface-mappings configuration option.

To get out of a situation where the charm is in error state due to non-existing interfaces first remove the offending interface name from the configuration and run juju resolved unit/N on the affected units. If you find that the charm is attempting to repeat a operation that will not succeed you could try to provide the --no-retry option.

The long term solution to this is the upcoming support for modelling Open vSwitch configuration through MAAS backed by Netplan which would allow you to do machine specific configuration before deploying your cloud.

We presented the Netplan Open vSwitch support at the Open vSwitch and OVN 2020 Fall Conference.

It is still early days wrt. how this all works together with the charms but it is available for preview and testing.