Openstack nova: configure multiple ceph backends

HI Team,
I would like to know how i can configure openstack flavors based on the cinder backend type.
so that we can use available resources effectively.

Detail of the current openstack infra.
currently we have openstack deployed with maas and juju charms and backend storage with 2 ceph pools
cinder-ceph and other one cinder-ceph-ssd

Our requirement is like create 2 openstack flavors with name m1.hddsmall and m1.ssdsmall
and configure the flavor metadata to identify available backend ceph pool.

Here m1.hddsmall flavor for cinder-ceph and m1.ssdsmall for cinder-ceph-ssd.

please let me know how i can achieve this

Hi @agrahar, I am not sure if it’s possible to define the default volume type in flavors. See for more info.

As this is an upstream OpenStack issue it might be good asking on the mailing list to double check.