Openstack Cloud Controller docs - index



This charmed operator manages the Cloud Controller component of the OpenStack

Cloud Provider.


The charm requires openstack credentials and connection information, which

can be provided via the openstack-integration relation to the

Openstack Integrator charm.


The full process

juju deploy charmed-kubernetes

juju config kubernetes-control-plane allow-privileged=true

juju deploy openstack-integrator --trust

juju deploy openstack-cloud-controller

You must also tell the cluster on which it is deployed that it will be

acting as an external cloud provider. For Charmed Kubernetes, you can

simply relate it to the control plane.

juju relate openstack-cloud-controller:certificates easyrsa:client

juju relate openstack-cloud-controller:kube-control kubernetes-control-plane:kube-control

juju relate openstack-cloud-controller:openstack openstack-integrator:clients

juju relate openstack-cloud-controller:external-cloud-provider kubernetes-control-plane:external-cloud-provider


Please see the Juju SDK docs for guidelines

on enhancements to this charm following best practice guidelines, and

for developer guidance.