OpenStack Charms Zed release is now available

The Zed release of the OpenStack Charms is now available. Please see the Release notes for full details:

This is the second release since the OpenStack Charms project changed from a time-based release to one based on charm payload versions. Individual charms are no longer developed to work with every supported OpenStack release. Charms now leverage Charmhub tracks, each of which determines a supported payload. See the Charm delivery page for details:


Channel migrations

Much effort in this cycle was directed at migrating previous OpenStack releases (Queens through Xena) to channels in the Charmhub store.

OpenStack Zed

OpenStack Zed is now supported on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (via UCA) and Ubuntu 22.10 natively.

OVN 22.03 on Focal

There is better support for OVN 22.03 on Focal via a new OVN specific UCA pocket.

COS Lite support in the ceph-mon charm

Support for sending metrics to the prometheus-k8s charm in the COS Lite observability stack has been added to the ceph-mon charm. Consequently, support for the prometheus2 charm is now deprecated.

NVIDIA vGPU Virtual Workstation

The Nova vGPU features in the Nova Compute charms were validated for use as the graphical display driver for Virtual Workstation usage.

Documentation updates

Documentation highlights include:

  • Completion of Deploy Guide to Charm Guide content migration
  • Improvements to:
    • Getting Started tutorial
    • Documentation contributor content
    • Upgrade pages
    • OVN pages
    • SR-IOV page
    • Charm delivery page

OpenStack Charms team

The OpenStack Charms team can be contacted in this Juju user forum (tag openstack) or by chat in the OpenStack Charms Mattermost channel.

Thank you

Lots of thanks to the 56 contributors who squashed bugs, enabled new features, and improved the documentation!

OpenStack Charms Team

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