OpenStack Charms 2023.2 (Bobcat) release is now available

OpenStack Charms 2023.2 (Bobcat)

The 2023.2 (Bobcat) release of the OpenStack Charms is now available. Please see the release notes for full details:


  • OpenStack 2023.2 (Bobcat) OpenStack Bobcat is now supported on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (via UCA) and Ubuntu 23.10 natively.

  • Two charms promoted to stable Both the watcher and watcher-dashboard charms have been promoted to stable.

  • Keystone role cache configuration The keystone charm now supports configuring the Keystone ‘[role] cache_time’ option using a new ‘role-cache-expiration’ charm configuration option. If not set, this defaults to the global expiration_time (configurable by the ‘dogpile-cache-expiration’ charm configuration option).

  • Designate-bind allow-transfer configuration The designate-bind charm now supports configuring the BIND9 allow-transfer option. If not set, the corresponding feature is disabled.

  • Improved Vault snap channel refresh The refresh mechanism for the Vault snap managed within the vault charm has been improved. It now properly stops the service before performing a snap refresh.

  • Glance custom image properties The glance charm now supports configuring automatic custom image properties for imported images.

  • magnum charm: new option to expose cluster_user_trust The magnum charm has gained a new configuration option (cluster-user-trust) to control whether to assign a trust to the cluster user or not (upstream cluster_user_trust option).

  • nova-cloud-controller charm: new relation to openstack-dashboard A new relation informs the cloud of what hosts and IP addresses that can potentially access the OpenStack Dashboard. The nova-cloud-controller units use this information to configure the nova-serialproxy daemon to allow dashboard requests from web browsers.

  • Documentation updates The Charm Guide and the Deploy Guide were updated for OpenStack 2023.2 and Juju 3.x. Regular improvements and bug fixes.

OpenStack Charms team

The OpenStack Charms team can be reached on the openstack-charms Mattermost channel and the Juju user forum.

Thank you

Lots of thanks to the below 34 contributors below who squashed bugs, enabled new features, and improved the documentation!

Alex Litvinov Alex Kavanagh Brett Milford Chi Wai, Chan Chris MacNaughton Corey Bryant Dmitrii Shcherbakov Dmytro Kazantsev Edward Hope-Morley Facundo Ciccioli Felipe Reyes Frode Nordahl Fulvio Galeazzi Jadon Naas James Lin James Page Jesper Schmitz Mouridsen Jorge Merlino Joshua Zhang Liam Young Luciano Lo Giudice Martin Kalcok Neil Campbell Nobuto Murata Peter Matulis Peter Sabaini Rafael Lopez Rodrigo Barbieri Samuel Walladge Utkarsh Bhatt Wong Hong Han Yamen Hatahet Yoshi Kadokawa