OpenStack Charms 2023.1 (Antelope) release is now available

The 2023.1 (Antelope) release of the OpenStack Charms is now available.

See the Release notes for full details:


  • OpenStack Antelope
    OpenStack Antelope is now supported on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (via UCA) and Ubuntu 23.04 natively.

  • New charm: ironic-dashboard
    This new charm integrates the Ironic Dashboard into the OpenStack Dashboard.

  • Service user password rotation
    The keystone, mysql-innodb-cluster, and rabbitmq-server charms have gained actions to assist with rotating the passwords of OpenStack service users. Two actions are provided for each of these charms (to list usernames and rotate their passwords).

  • New features for the ironic-conductor charm
    The ironic-conductor charm has acquired a few new abilities. It can now enable hardware specific options in the Ironic Conductor service. It also now supports custom timeouts for when requests are made to download install images.

  • Documentation updates
    Regular improvements and bug fixes. A new page on Network spaces was landed.

Thank you

Lots of thanks to the 24 contributors below who squashed bugs, enabled new features, and improved the documentation!

Alex Kavanagh
Arif Ali
Bas de Bruijne
Billy Olsen
Chris MacNaughton
Corey Bryant
Dmitrii Shcherbakov
Edward Hope-Morley
Felipe Reyes
Frode Nordahl
Gabriel Cocenza
Guillaume Boutry
Hemanth Nakkina
James Page
Jorge Merlino
Liam Young
Marcus Boden
Martin Kalcok
Neil Campbell
Olivier Dufour-Cuvillier
Peter Matulis
Simon Dodsley
Tiago Pasqualini
Trent Lloyd

OpenStack Charms Team