Openstack charmed 75 : Not possible to install charms : Mysql-innodb-cluster & vault

I’m trying to deploy the openstack-charmed-75 bundle, with MAAS + JUJU. Everything is going well except for the installation of charms: mysql-innodb-cluster and vault. It is an infinite loop during the installation of these two charms and it blocks the continuation !!! always error !!!
Just charms : mysql-innodb-cluster and Vault.

in my experience, to keep it simple, keep all units on the same subnet/space. What I can see, is that your at least having both IPv4 and IPv6, which isnt helping.

ATM I’m trying to figure out how to deploy the same bundle, but so that the core services have public IPs (v4), while not placing everything on a public IP.


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try ssh’ing to one of the mysql nodes and checking the juju logs:
juju ssh mysql-innodb-cluster/0
sudo -i
less /var/log/juju/*
That should help you figure out why the install is failing. It could be (as the other poster said) that you have a mismatch on networks or IP version. Are you using an overlay file?

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To avoid this IPV4-IPV6 network problem, from the start I disabled ipv6 at the MAAS controller level. I don’t understand why Juju is assigning IPV6 addresses for the LXCs !!!

Commande less /var/log/juju/* :

in maas, settings, kernel parameters, I added

With ipv6-disable it’s worse :joy: !!! no charm installed. I will review my network on the maas side. I come back to you.

God morgon,

In my experience, if you get issues during the charm installation of a container, verify that the container has 1) local network access, i.e. reach the subnet GW and adjacent networks (if needed) 2) if external access is needed (not proxying via MAAS), verify that the subnet GW does NAT so that Internet communication works properly.

GL & HF!


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Thank you Patrick,
it always worked on my work with older versions of Openstack. Here is the link of my lessons :

I will leave it aside this week, I am in the process of migrating my Physical servers to ProxmoxVE 7.0 béta and K8s caas …


Know that feeling worked on older bundles :slight_smile:

OVN + Vault changed a lot for me this time.

I also spun up a ProxmoxVE as a fallback, would nice if MAAS added BMC support for proxmox, as that would make a suitable candidate to run the juju controllers.