Openstack-base bundle IPv4/IPv6 pains


When I’m trying to deploy this, all containers end up on an IPv6 network, but the hosts on IPv4. As the IPv6 network is not configured, and IPv4 <->IPv6 is not either. Troubles arise.

I’m using MAAS as the underlying cloud. However, MAAS has NO IPv6 subnets configured.

I used the same bundle in mid-January, and it deployed fine (all IPv4). The one difference I can find between the January hosts (successfully deployed) and the failed February hosts, is that the January has a kernel version 5.4.0-137, whereas the current is on 5.4.0-139. Another is that January has lxc version 5.10 (rev. 24323), whereas February is at 5.0.2 (rev. 24322). This seems a bit strange.

Who is responsible for the base system config, juju or MAAS? (will post this in MAAS discourse too)