Openstack base Bundle deployment issues

so I deployed Openstack base bundle and did the manual vault and ssl thing but we always end up with:
Failed to discover available identity versions when contacting Attempting to parse version from URL.

But keystone is all up and good.
The openstack juju documentation must be incomplete or missing something. Unsure how to fix this since google search points to many possible reasons.

Any pointers?

Have you downloaded the CA cert from vault and configured your client’s OS_CACERT variable to point to the path of the SSL CA?

juju run-action --wait vault/leader get-root-ca | awk '/BEGIN CERTIFICATE/,/END CERTIFICATE/{gsub(/^      /, "", $0); print}' > vault_ca.pem
export OS_CACERT=vault_ca.pem
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Yes I have, same issue.
We did multiple redeploys and tried self-signed and proper certs, always same problem.