Old ingress relation removal

Hello everyone:

I’d like to announce that the IS DevOps team has updated the nginx-ingress-integrator charm so that it implements the new ingress relation as defined in charm-relation-interfaces, in addition to a nginx-route relation, also defined in that same repo. These are available to use now in the v2/edge channel of the charm. Please take the time to transition any charms utilizing the old ingress relation (and its library, charms.nginx_ingress_integrator.v0.ingress) to either the new ingress relation or the nginx_route relation.

We will merge the v2 channel into latest/stable a month from the date this post is published, which will remove the old ingress relation, so please update your deployments (if required) before Feb 12th.

Thanks! :computer:


maybe good to mention what the new relation is we’re transitioning to? I suppose charms.traefik_k8s.v2.ingress

and if anyone has trouble migrating/upgrading, we can work out a short guide on how to do that :slight_smile: