Offline charmhub page marked as private

Hello folks,

I’m looking for some guidance around setting up and offline (ie. Non internet connected) openstack cloud.

So far I’ve managed to get a full openstack deployment up and running using the guide available from the openstack website, which leans heavily on juju to deploy services etc. This deployment process is working 100% for me, no issues there at all and so far it has been pretty smooth and easy going.

However, at some point I will need to take openstack offline and I’ve been working towards creating caches for each piece of infrastructure I’ll need if it becomes necessary to rebuild openstack from scratch (ie. snaps, apt, cloud images etc.).

I was reading through this page-

and it appears the page for deploying charms offline is either 404 or private-

Does anyone know if offline charm deployments is still possible? If it is, is there public documentation on how to make it happen?