Observability Team Updates - Week #18 2022

Hi everyone, below you can find the updates from the Observability Platform team for the previous week starting on 1/05/2022.

cc @leon-mintz @jose @bthomas @rbarry @dylanstathis

Last week we continued our efforts on stabilizing the Loki charm, and we are slowly starting to approach a state where we think it is good enough to live up to our high quality standards. Instead of me rambling, however, I’ll leave it to the team to give you more details on what we’ve been up to.

Next week, @jose and I will be at KubeCon EU in Valencia, as well as the PrometheusDay and the EbpfDay together with some other colleagues from Canonical. If you happen to be there as well, come say hi!

I have been working on a Mimir charm specification.