Observability Team Updates - Week #13 2022

Hi everyone, below you can find the updates from the Observability Platform team for the previous week starting on 25/04/2022.

cc @leon-mintz @jose @bthomas @rbarry @dylanstathis

Last week, there was quite a lot of last-minute preparations for the Observability session during Operator Day.

We’ve put time into stabilizing the Loki K8s charm and making it more suitable for production usage, fixing and closing 8 bugs, and at the same time making it significantly less complex to maintain going forward.

As a side-note, we’re still looking to strengthen the team with people passionate about OSS observability and monitoring. If you consider yourself in-the-know with current observability practices and are interested in contributing to our vision of making everything Canonical highly observable using best in class tools, you should have a look at our career-page.

Have a lovely weekend!

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Last work I contributed to investigation of instability in Loki integration tests and started refactor of Loki charm to support multiple Promtail architectures. This refactor is complete but fixing existing tests and adding new ones is underway.

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  • Better error messages in loki (#160)
  • Improve test coverage for alertmanager (66)
  • Continue collecting data from the COS Lite load test
  • Release a new revision of the cos-config charm (#20)
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