Observability Team Updates - Week 13-14 2023

Hi everyone!

Below are the team’s updates for weeks 13 and 14. First, as always, let me introduce the fantastic team and what we’re building.

The Team

The observability team at Canonical consists of Dylan, Jose, Leon, Luca, Pietro, Ryan, and Simme. Our goal is to provide you with the best open-source observability stack possible, turning your day-2 operations into smooth sailing.

COS Lite

COS Lite is a light-weight, highly-integrated observability suite, powered by python operators and running on Juju. Find more information on charmhub or go straight to github.

The Work

Enabling usage with Grafana Cloud

We are firm believers that a good observability solution needs to support multiple, sometimes vastly different, setups and configurations. We also believe in strengthening the companies and organizations delivering the magnificent products we’re all benefitting from.

Because of this, we’re now introducing a way for users to connect their Juju and/or COS to Grafana Cloud, providing an easy way to make sure data also is available somewhere else, other than in the own private cloud.

With the Grafana Cloud integrator charm, it will now be entirely possible to do quite a few interesting setups where you could configure some (or all) Grafana agents to push telemetry either to Grafana Cloud, to COS, or to both. This also enables users to, with little effort, move between COS Lite and Grafana Cloud as their needs change*.

How far? How fast?

Sizing your deployments is hard work. Especially as a new user of a solution or application. With COS Lite, we want to make this task a bit more approachable by continuously performing and presenting load tests for the solutions we build and make available.

For COS Lite, we’re excited to finally be able to present some of our findings. In this post on Discourse, @sed-i walks you through our conclusions from pushing a deployment of COS to the max on fairly modest hardware. The results, I must say, are quite impressive!

Feedback welcome

As always, feedback is very welcome! Feel free to let us know your thoughts, questions, or suggestions either here or on the CharmHub Mattermost.

That’s all for this time! See you again in two weeks!