Nova: Custom Policy


I am trying to create a custom nova policy to assignate only a few flavors to debian. The policy.yaml:

"is_debian_image": "<image id>':%(image_id)s"
"is_debian_flavor": "'<flavor1-id>':%(flavor_id)s or '<flavor2-id>':%(flavor_id)s"
"is_debian":"rule:is_debian_image and rule:is_debian_flavor"
"not_debian": "not rule:is_debian" 
"os_compute_api:servers:create": "rule:project_member_api or (rule:project_user and (rule:is_debian or rule:not_debian))"

I have a role project user and it’s full fuctional, without the “(rule:is_debian or rule:not_debian)” I can create a server.

The problem is that file can’t upload via the charm (PO: Broken). The file don’t appear in policy.d/, but if I remove these rules the file upload correctly. I think the problems is these new rules but if I base in the olso policy this rules are fine.

In other hand, I eliminate rule by rule to test them separately but I have the same result.