Nextcloud registered but no charm

I am in the process of publish a nextcloud charm to charmhub but it says that its name is already registered. However, there is no “nextcloud” charm available in charmhub.

Does this mean that there is a private one or a unreleased one already available?

How can I get hold of the people that has registered this name to know what the intentions are for the registered one…



Hello Erik. How are trying to publish your charm? Which tool are you using? Thanks!

$ charmcraft register nextcloud
Store failure! Name 'nextcloud' is already registered [code: already-registered]
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Hi @facundo ! Did you check why we can’t register ‘nextcloud’? Thanks!

Hey! I’m finding out how you can dispute that name. I’ll let you know soon. Sorry I missed your previous post.

Hey there,

As you may know, we are migrating existing charms from to As part of the process, we have reserved a set of names to avoid both squatting of existing charms and of popular application names, before we complete the migration process.

As such, nextcloud is currently unavailable. We’ll be sure to notify when it’s available for registration.

In the meanwhile, you can register for example eriks-nextcloud or another variation, that should work fine.

(Incidentally though, you cannot register erik-lonroth-nextcloud because that name is reserved for importing your existing charm - so apologies for that, but the upside is that your charm should be available under that name in a few days).

  • Daniel
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I would be glad if you could notify us as soon as it is possible. We are working on two different nextcloud charms that is taking good shape atm and we have not yet wanted to release it.

But we are also looking for advice on how to properly use the charmhub as a source for future paying customers. Do you have such experience?

@roadmr - As we are pretty much set on delivering a nextcloud charm, we really wan’t to understand how we can do this in such a way that you feel comfortable enough for us to assume the name for it.

How does that process look like and how can we walk it to get it properly registered? We will work on getting it very neat and good looking before publishing to stable, but we want to get started on our CI/CD pipelines and QA process where these things will matter…