New release! charmcraft 0.8.0

Charmcraft supports Kubernetes operator development.

This new release includes the following changes:

  • Charmcraft works now with the PRODUCTION store by default (can be changed in the configuration).
  • Configuration is now read from the charmcraft.yaml file, which is mandatory for bundles-related commands (optional for the rest by now, will be mandatory in the future for all commands). See the reference here.
  • The User Agent sent to Charmhub is more complete and identifies better the Charmcraft client.
  • Added all current commands and their options to the Bash completion file.
  • Improvements in some help messages and init resulting files.

Charmcraft enables collaboration between operator developers, and publication on Charmhub 1, home of the Open Operator Collection.

Use charmcraft to:

  • Init a new charm file structure
  • Build your operator into a charm for distribution
  • Register your charm name on Charmhub
  • Upload your charms to Charmhub
  • Release your charms into channels
  • Publish and fetch charm libraries

You can use charmcraft with operators written in any language but we recommend the Python Operator Framework on Github which is also on PyPI 1 for ease of development and collaboration.

Charmcraft and the Python Operator Framework extend the operator pattern beyond Kubernetes with universal operators that drive Linux and Windows apps. The universal operator pattern is very exciting for multi-cloud application management.

Happy charming!