New release! charmcraft 0.7.0

Charmcraft supports Kubernetes operator development.

This new release includes the following changes:

  • Added support for Charm Libraries, a mechanism to easily share and reuse charm interfaces and other components (check the tutorial: Creating and using charm libraries)

  • Initial support for charm bundles: the ‘pack’ command.

  • Better project bootstrapping in ‘init’: can be used in a non-empty directory and adds coverage to the project tests.

Charmcraft enables collaboration between operator developers, and publication on Charmhub 1, home of the Open Operator Collection.

Use charmcraft to:

  • Init a new charm file structure
  • Build your operator into a charm for distribution
  • Register your charm name on Charmhub
  • Upload your charms to Charmhub
  • Release your charms into channels
  • Publish and fetch charm libraries

You can use charmcraft with operators written in any language but we recommend the Python Operator Framework on Github which is also on PyPI 1 for ease of development and collaboration.

Charmcraft and the Python Operator Framework extend the operator pattern beyond Kubernetes with universal operators that drive Linux and Windows apps. The universal operator pattern is very exciting for multi-cloud application management.

Happy charming!

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Very glad to see the library work in place now, and the tutorial will help folks get into the idea. Looking forward to feedback.

Folks who have been using the new operator framework, you can ‘export’ an integration library through charmhub which can then be imported by other charmers who want to relate to your application. Your integration library will have classes to handle the endpoints they need to declare on their charm. You can publish new major versions, and new minor revisions, and charmcraft will keep their library up to date (getting new minor versions but not getting new major versions unless they explicitly switch to them). Go take a look at the tutorial and we welcome some feedback!

Thats cool, that export and library support looks very useful. I’m building out some experimental K8S charms at the moment so I’ll give it a go, thanks!

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