New interfaces pages on charmhub


I’m wondering if someone can provide some background on the new interfaces pages on charmhub? I’m specifically interested in the ingress one, and how content gets onto here.

There are a few things I don’t quite understand:

  • Under “Providing ingress v0” traefik-k8s is listed under both “Tested Charms” and “Other Charms”.
  • I don’t understand why mm-pd-bot is listed under “Other Charms” for “Providing ingress v0”.
  • How is the list of charms in “Requiring ingress v0” determined? There are some I’m aware of (e.g. content-cache-k8s) that require this relation but aren’t listed.
  • For both sections, how does a particular charm go from being listed under “Other Charms” to be listed under “Tested Charms”? What does “Tested Charms” mean in this context?

Thanks, Tom

I think this page does not include any unlisted charm. That’s probably the reason why content-cache-k8s isn’t included.