New feature in Juju 2.8: Juju Dashboard

New Juju Dashboard

New in Juju 2.8 is the Juju Dashboard. A shift in direction from the preceding Juju GUI which had a focus on the deployment of models. The new Dashboard is focused on the operations and observability of your Juju models across one or more controllers.

Model List Overview

Tailored for enterprises and large environments; your primary view in the Juju Dashboard is a list of your models. It provides at a glance, a live, auto-updating overview of the statuses of your systems without having to repeatedly query the status on the command line.

Model Details

To provide deeper observability into your model you also have access to the Model Details view. It’s here that you’ll find a detailed overview of all the entities in your model, applications, units, machines, and relations.

The topology that was the center of the old GUI hasn’t completely disappeared. We still show you the same representation of your model on this details page complete with application icons and relation connections to give you that same top down view of your models.

What’s Coming Up?

  • The topology model is currently a static view, we’ll be re-introducing the ability to position your application icons to allow for a better representation of your model.

  • Cross Model Relations have become an increasingly popular feature of Juju so we’ll be highlighting those and providing insight into the relations both in the relations list and in the topology view.

  • Surfacing your permissions and disabled-commands.

  • From an operations perspective Juju Actions are integral to the day to day operations of most models. We’re going to be investigating how we can surface the actions and provide feedback on their execution.

  • When you’re tracking down an issue with a deployment nothing is more important than logs. We’re actively investigating the best approach to surface the various logs that you have access to in your deployment.

  • And much much more…

We Want Your Feedback

We have a vision for what this new dashboard will become and your feedback is integral to that vision. Please feel free to file issues on our GitHub repository or start a discussion. We’re actively seeking input on existing and upcoming features.

We hope you enjoy using the new Juju Dashboard!