New charm lib not downloadable


I’ve been trying to release a charm library and, once published, list-lib doesn’t show it. It isn’t listed in charmhub either. Am I missing something? Iirc this was the proper way to do it.

arturo@arturo:~/smtp-integrator-operator$ charmcraft publish-lib charms.smtp-integrator.v0.smtp
Library charms.smtp-integrator.v0.smtp is already updated in Charmhub.                          
arturo@arturo:~/smtp-integrator-operator$ charmcraft list-lib 
No libraries found for charm smtp-integrator.

Thanks in advance


We solved this, but for future travelers the problem was related to the library being owned by a different charm. The API should improve the returned data/error in this case, I will file a bug to get a fix for that.


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