Neutron VXLAN network type

Hi Everyone, as part of our testing of Juju Openstack one of the network configurations we wish to test is to deploy Neutron with VXLAN as an overlay and tenant network type, and to that end we have hosts that are connected to two different subnets (Subnet 50 as management and subnet 53 for data) i have not been successful in deploying neutron as was just wondering if there is any insight i could get as most documents point towards setting up a Flat network which we have already tested. Neutron yaml file for reference.

  bridge-interface-mappings: br-ex:enp6s0 (this interface connected to vlan 53)
  ovn-bridge-mappings: physnet1:br-ex
  neutron-security-groups: true
  default-tenant-network-type: vxlan
  vni-ranges: 65537:69999
  overlay-network-type: vxlan
  worker-multiplier: 0.25
  openstack-origin: cloud:focal-wallaby
  source: cloud:focal-wallaby

Any advice will be appreciated.

Hi Aleksandar, interesting setup. Let me see if I can round up some help for you.

For overlay network types like VXLAN, the data network space binding is used to determine the local network endpoint and address that will be use to carry overlay traffic supporting project networks. Bridge mappings are used to provide network oriented concepts for north/south traffic routing or for mapping an DC network into the cloud in some other way.

Your server needs to have a network interface configured on the correct vlan, and your bundle needs to bind the data space onto the named space in MAAS to make this all hang together.

Hi James, i see that makes the configuration file look quite a bit different than i imagined, since unfortunately i don’t have too much of a network background, so i inadvertently mixed up the configuration options for a flat network with what is supposed to be used for VXLAN, thanks for the advice. ill make the changes and report back.

So just as an additional question the ovn-chassis part of the configuration should be left blank since

  bridge-interface-mappings: enp6s0
  ovn-bridge-mappings: physnet1:enps60

point towards configuring a bridge, or does the bridge in question need to have an ip address configured to carry overlay traffic?