Name suggestion for "multi-cloud controller" -> "hybrid-cloud controller"

One of the things that we want to avoid is the misuse of multi-cloud controllers. Their best use case is for when those clouds are hosted on the same nodes, e.g. MAAS + OpenStack (+ Kubernetes?). Perhaps a good way to signal this would be to use the term “hybrid-cloud controller”. That term includes the implication that there is a bare metal base layer.

Just an idea :slight_smile:

My concern with using hybrid-cloud would be that enterprises think of this term as a single interface/environment to manage both internal MAAS managed clouds (whether OS or K8S) and their public cloud presence on AWS/Azure/GCE. If the idea is to describe a controller that manages multiple stacks, MaaS, IaaS (OS), PaaS (K8S), I would suggest this be described as a stacked-cloud-controller.

I definitely agree that multi-cloud seems to infer the same as I described for hybrid-cloud in the enterprise.

Good points. I am sort of opposed to the idea of the Juju community creating another new term though. We already have lots of bespoke terminology. Is there anything in the industry that might be closer to what we want?

“On-prem”, “vertical”, “site”… I guess there’s nothing that’s going to fit exactly.

Private cloud controller
Public cloud controller…

I’m confused, I thought the idea behind this was to have a unified controller irrespective of which underlying cloud the model lives in.
Are you saying that we’ll still need multiple controllers?
I remember a few weeks back migrating a model from my Azure controller to my main lab controller and was immediately filled with the feeling of F@#$ yeah this is what I’ve been waiting for… Are you saying that’s going away?

@dvnt: well it works, but there’s a concern in-house that things might break that are really hard to debug. I don’t see the feature going away, but I expect that you might need to use some sort of flag until people have enough confidence that it can be relied upon.

Awesome to see that you’re willing to be the vanguard here.

I think I have too much confidence in Juju as a technology then :grin:

My thinking is juju status shows which cloud the model lives in. That should be enough.

That said I believe the most appropriate name should remain multi cloud controller.

If you want to get paranoid about it. The flag should be left to the user and name the controller(s) accordingly., :man_shrugging:

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