Mysql-Innodb-cluster: Facing issue with the cluster instances

Hi I am facing an issue with the MySQL-Innodb-cluster charm. There was a power outage in the Datacenter. When everything was restarted, the mysql-innodb-cluster went into a split-brain condition. I tried to resolve the issue.

Now, I have done some steps, the leader is in the R/W mode, showing that it can tolerate upto 2 failures (as i have 5 instances). All the instances are being shown in the database as online. But when I see ‘juju status’, the remaining 4 instances’ status is, “Instance not yet in cluster”

Upon running cluster-status, it says "WARNING: Instance is not managed by InnoDB cluster. Use cluster.rescan() to repair. "

Upon running cluster-rescan, it shows the instances as newly discovered instances. but don’t add them at add-instance command

need support on this as this is urgent

Regards Ali Abdullah