Multinode microstack openstack cluster having issues with microk8s

Help Post!!

Hello Experts,

I was deploying multinode openstack and during deployment i found some issues. Microk8s joining failed. While I tried to see the status of juju by running command “watch -n 2 -c juju status --color” I see microk8 join failed. Please have a look into the outputs as below,

Every 2.0s: juju status --color                                                                        osp-node1.gbpl.local: Thu Mar 28 13:26:51 2024

Model       Controller          Cloud/Region     Version  SLA          Timestamp       Notes
controller  sunbeam-controller  sunbeam/default  3.2.0    unsupported  13:26:51+06:00  upgrade available: 3.2.4

SAAS                   Status  Store  URL
certificate-authority  active  local  osp-node1.gbpl.local/openstack.certificate-authority
keystone               active  local  osp-node1.gbpl.local/openstack.keystone
ovn-relay              active  local  osp-node1.gbpl.local/openstack.ovn-relay
rabbitmq               active  local  osp-node1.gbpl.local/openstack.rabbitmq

App                   Version  Status   Scale  Charm                 Channel        Rev  Exposed  Message
controller                     active       1  juju-controller       3.2/stable      47  no
microceph                      active       3  microceph             edge            34  no
microk8s                       blocked      3  microk8s              legacy/stable  121  no       join failed, will try again
openstack-hypervisor           active       3  openstack-hypervisor  2023.1/stable  105  no
sunbeam-machine                active       3  sunbeam-machine       latest/edge      1  no

Unit                     Workload  Agent  Machine  Public address  Ports      Message
controller/0*            active    idle   0
microceph/0*             active    idle   0
microceph/1              active    idle   1
microceph/2              active    idle   2
microk8s/0*              active    idle   0      16443/tcp
microk8s/1               blocked   idle   1      16443/tcp  join failed, will try again
microk8s/2               active    idle   2      16443/tcp
openstack-hypervisor/0*  active    idle   0
openstack-hypervisor/1   active    idle   1
openstack-hypervisor/2   active    idle   2
sunbeam-machine/0*       active    idle   0
sunbeam-machine/1        active    idle   1
sunbeam-machine/2        active    idle   2

Machine  State    Address     Inst id            Base          AZ  Message
0        started  manual:            ubuntu@22.04      Manually provisioned machine
1        started  manual:  ubuntu@22.04      Manually provisioned machine
2        started  manual:  ubuntu@22.04      Manually provisioned machine

Offer      Application  Charm      Rev  Connected  Endpoint  Interface    Role
microceph  microceph    microceph  34   2/2        ceph      ceph-client  provider

I had this problem too. I believe its due to your hosts not trusting a cert created by microk8s.

After the sunbeam cluster bootstrap --role control --role compute --role storage command is finised try running juju config microk8s skip_verify=True then add your workers.

If that doesnt fix the problem, you may want to dig into the logs to figure out why it failed.

Im totally not an expert on this at all btw so take my solutions with a grain of salt. Ive been struggling the last few days getting this to run but Im getting there slowly.

Good luck!