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I want to add kubernetes as multi-cloud to maas-controller , I have read the following statement
Multi-cloud functionality via add-cloud (not add-k8s ) is available as “early access” and requires the use of a feature flag. Once the controller is created, you can enable it with: juju controller-config features="[multi-cloud]"

Does it mean add-k8s cannot be part of multi-cloud?

Hi @sysnazri, Juju organises its workloads in models on substrates.

A substrate is either a cloud substrate (Azure, AWS, GCP, OpenStack, VMware, MAAS) or a K8s substrate. So add-cloud teaches Juju about a new cloud, and aadd-k8s teaches Juju about a new K8s. Once Juju knows about a cloud or a k8s then it can make models there and deploy charms there.

The charms are specific to cloud or k8s substrates (in theory you can write a single charm that will work on both but its easier at the moment to maintain two branches of the charm, one for machines and one for containers).

Thank you so much, I have got another question.
on some websites I can see the writer can architecture applications relation like this one in the image, but mine, does not have such a GUI.

That is a previous version of the Juju GUI. I think it’s still possible to get, but it doesn’t support k8s substrates iirc. We found that large-scale system administrators didn’t want to use the GUI (although it was useful for them to show people what they were working on they didn’t like to manipulate the model throught he GUI and always used the CLI).

The newer version of the GUI (called Juju Dashboard) is more tabular, so it shows more information more clearly, and it also includes the CLI in the Dashboard so you can work the way sysadmins like to work but do it in a nicer environment :slight_smile:

If you are interested, you should also take a look at Juju Lens, which is a desktop oriented GUI for Juju.

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We found that large-scale system administrators didn’t want to use the GUI.

Hello Mark,

Personally, I had given a chance to GUI at first. GUI was looking good at first however I experienced performance and stability issues with GUI on long term usage.

Maybe it was one of the reason that was keeping admins away from GUI.

Meanwhile, watch commands are more useful to follow what’s going on the environment. In my opinion, next improvement should be done on that way.