MongoDB 6 How To - Manage related applications

How to manage related applications

New mongodb_client interface:

Relations to new applications are supported via the mongodb_client interface. To create a relation:

juju integrate mongodb application

To remove a relation:

juju remove-relation mongodb application

Legacy mongodb interface:

We have also added support for the database legacy relation from the original version of the charm via the mongodb interface. Currently legacy relations operate without authentication and hence cannot be used with pre-existing new relations. Please note that these relations will be deprecated.

juju integrate mongodb graylog

Rotate applications password

To rotate the passwords of users created for related applications, the relation should be removed and related again. That process will generate a new user and password for the application.

juju remove-relation application mongodb
juju integrate application mongodb

Internal operator user

The operator user is used internally by the Charmed MongoDB Operator, the set-password action can be used to rotate its password.

  • To set a specific password for the operator user
juju run mongodb/leader set-password password=<password>
  • To randomly generate a password for the operator user
juju run mongodb/leader set-password