Modify and assign IP to container on openstack charm

Hi Team,
I using Openstack charm to deployed Openstack base on Ussuri of Focal Seri.
After deploy on the hardware nodes have many container. I’m tried to add an interface to containner and using public IPs for external API connect WHMCS for billing. But after a mean time juju will overwrite config from manual.
Could you help me clear how to assign IP to container? I search whole google but notthing mention about this?

As you’ve discovered, Juju manages the network attachments of lxds deployed by juju on metals/vms deployed via juju.

The way to manage this configuration is to use juju spaces to define which networks each application will need access to, and for which purpose each network should be utilized.

There is an example openstack bundle employing spaces here: openstack base spaces | Juju

Note the use of the “bindings” section on each application’s definition in the bundle.yaml which defines which network space each application should use for given relations on those bound interfaces.

If you are using a MAAS provider, spaces are managed in the Network tab of MAAS, and can be refreshed with juju reload-spaces.

You can find more information on network spaces support in juju here: Juju | Network spaces

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Hi Thanks for your noted.
I found that and has been deploy manual by using --bind" space"
But in bundle i tried to add them using bind. but when deployed it show that no ovibious space.
Anyway i success deployed by manual assign space.
Thanks alot