Model config: `enable-os-refresh-update`

Configuration > List of model configuration keys > enable-os-refresh-update

This document describes the enable-os-refresh-update model configuration key.

Key Type Default Valid values Purpose
enable-os-refresh-update bool true Whether newly provisioned instances should run their respective OS’s update capability.

When Juju provisions a machine, its default behaviour is to upgrade existing packages to their latest version. If your OS images are fresh and/or your deployed applications do not require the latest package versions, you can disable upgrades in order to provision machines faster.

Two Boolean configuration options are available to disable APT updates and upgrades: enable-os-refresh-update (apt update) and enable-os-upgrade (apt upgrade), respectively.

enable-os-refresh-update: false
enable-os-upgrade: false

You may also want to just update the package list to ensure a charm has the latest software available to it by disabling upgrades but enabling updates.