Model config: `automatically-retry-hooks`

List of model configuration keys > automatically-retry-hooks

This document describes the automatically-retry-hooks model configuration key.

Key Type Default Valid values Purpose
automatically-retry-hooks bool true Determines whether the uniter should automatically retry failed hooks.

Juju retries failed hooks automatically using an exponential backoff algorithm. They will be retried after 5, 10, 20, 40 seconds up to a period of 5 minutes, and then every 5 minutes. The logic behind this is that some hook errors are caused by timing issues or the temporary unavailability of other applications - automatic retry enables the Juju model to heal itself without troubling the user.

However, in some circumstances, such as debugging charms, this behaviour can be distracting and unwelcome. For this reason, it is possible to set the automatically-retry-hooks option to ‘false’ to disable this behaviour. In this case, users will have to manually retry any hook which fails, using the command above, as with earlier versions of Juju.

Even with the automatic retry enabled, it is still possible to use the juju resolved unit-name/# command to retry manually.

Which command does this refer to? There doesn’t appear to be any command demonstrated earlier in the page.

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@swalladge Good catch, I’ll look into it. PS This doc was extracted from a longer doc, so initially I thought I accidentally left out something. However, I see the original doc had this problem too. I’ll look into it.

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