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This document describes the agent-version model configuration key.

Key Type Default Valid values Purpose
agent-version string The desired Juju agent version to use.

The agent-stream key specifies the “stream” to use when a Juju agent is to be installed or upgraded. This setting reflects the general stability of the software and defaults to ‘released’, indicating that only the latest stable version is to be used.

To run the upcoming stable release (before it has passed the normal QA process) you can set:

agent-stream: proposed

For testing purposes, you can use the latest unstable version by setting:

agent-stream: devel

The agent-version option specifies a “patch version” for the agent that is to be installed on a new controller relative to the Juju client’s current major.minor version (Juju uses a major.minor.patch numbering scheme).

For example, Juju 2.3.2 means major version 2, minor version 3, and patch version 2. On a client system with this release of Juju installed, the machine agent’s version for a newly-created controller would be the same. To specify a patch version of 1 (instead of 2), the following would be run:

juju bootstrap aws --agent-version='2.3.1'

If a patch version is available that is greater than that of the client then it can be targeted in this way:

juju bootstrap aws --auto-upgrade