Migration from jaas.ai charm store to charmhub.io

Hi folks, is there a plan somewhere that details how and when things will be migrated from the current charm store jaas.ai to charmhub.io?

Some questions:

  1. What will/will not be migrated?
  2. What should users with namespaces and published charms do? Ask for migration or do we have to register a new namespace/operator and manually republish to charmhub.io?
  3. How/when will this impact running juju clients and deployments? Will there be a switchover or option so we can control this?
  4. Any EOL/deadline/shutdown dates?
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Hello @szeestraten,

Thank you for the questions. The answers are:

  1. We’re planning on migrating everything, save for unpublished charms, and a possible subset of charms that we’ll delay migrating due to incompatibilities. Expect a post about this and other details in the near future.

  2. Charms that were published under a namespace will get imported to the new store with a name that includes the namespace and the name in the same string. Authors will need to manually republish charms if they want to claim the shorter name.

  3. CharmHub contains a shim api that points at the old store. Any request to juju deploy cs: will get routed to the old store. Since existing controllers store charms using this syntax, existing deployments will continue to work as they did before. You’ll need to do an upgrade-charm --switch in order to flip things over to the new store, when you’re ready.

  4. We have not announced an EOL for the shim api that serves charms from the old store, and have no plans to sunset the shim any time soon.

~ PeteVG


Thanks for the info @pengale. Any news on the near future migration? Will it be timed with a new release of Juju?

Hi @szeestraten,

As of right now, the initial migration is complete. All charms that we can migrate have been migrated over, and should be deployable from CharmHub, using the latest Juju 2.9 Release Candidate.

We’re planning on a more specific and detailed announcement along with the release of Juju 2.9, which will happen as soon as we possibly can make it happen.

Gotcha. I see our public charms did not make the migration so we’ll have to do that then. Thanks for the update!

Hi @pengale,

Related question here: for charms which have been migrated to CharmHub, but for which the author(s) are still pushing to the charm store, is there any sort of automatic migration being done? Or would the CharmHub version of these charms potentially fall behind the charmstore version?

I’m trying to gauge the urgency for CharmHub migration, and while I understand about the “cs:” shim, I’m trying to figure out how much we need to prioritize this work.

Hello @vultaire,

afaik, CharmHub is regularly migrating charms from the charm store, so folks can continue to push to the old store, and expect to see updates hit CharmHub. The migration should be happening automatically, on something like a daily basis.

@roadmr is the above accurate?

~ PeteVG

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@vultaire what Pete mentioned is correct. We run an import from charm store into charmhub daily and any new charms and new revisions of existing charms should become available in charmhub in under 24 hours.

Note the migration is run only on weekdays as I don’t want a rogue import to wreck people’s lives on a weekend.

  • Daniel
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@pengale @roadmr Thanks for the quick replies; this is very reassuring. Of course, we’ll nonetheless look into getting onto CharmHub as soon as it is reasonable to do so.