Migrating our community to Matrix

Hey charmers!

We’ve been happily using Mattermost for our community instant messaging for the past few years. We also use Mattermost internally at Canonical, and you’ll have seen a lot more of our folks engaging in their day-to-day work on the community instance.

We’ve also been looking at how we want to foster similar forms of communication in communities that have formed around other Canonical products - like Ubuntu, MAAS, LXD, etc. One of our Community Engineers outlined on the Ubuntu Discourse our plans to open a community Matrix server.

We will, over time, migrate our communities to Matrix for all of the reasons outlined in that post - including chat.charmhub.io. The timeline isn’t completely firm just yet, but we’re anticipating making the move some time in Q1 of 2024.

The data currently on https://chat.charmhub.io will remain for some time after the migration - once we’re happy that the Matrix instance is performing well, the existing Mattermost instance will be made read-only, but will persist for several months so that existing links continue to work, and content can be retrieved and migrated elsewhere if needed.

I’d like to invite you all to sign up for the service and kick the tires. Mauro has been kind enough to set up a Charmhub space at #charmhub:ubuntu.com. There are two rooms right now #charmhub-juju:ubuntu.com and #charmhub-charmdev:ubuntu.com, but we can create more to mimic the setup on the current Mattermost instance as we need.

You can join the Charmhub Space by invite using this link

Mauro has created a space and a few rooms to showcase the power of Matrix. If you want to learn what Matrix can do for you, join this space and the rooms it contains: #UbuntuReleaseTesting:ubuntu.com. You can see GitHub, Launchpad feeds, calendar integration, notepads, Jitsi meetings, and more.

Give it a go, and let us know how you get on!



Is there a recommended matrix client?

I found this:

sudo snap install element-desktop

Also, is there some special setup required to join?

I’ve got the client installed, logged in - but I don’t know how to get into the rooms…

[UPDATE] I’ve managed to somehow get into the “Ubuntu space”. But I can’t see any rooms…

There are loads of clients for Matrix, but indeed Element is the “official” client. I’ve also heard good things about FluffyChat and Fractal (native GTK4). There is an exhaustive list here: https://matrix.org/ecosystem/clients/

Nothing special needed to login - just enter ubuntu.com as your homeserver and select “Login with SAML” and you’ll be redirected through the Ubuntu SSO.

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If you click the [+] button next to Ubuntu Space in the sidebar and choose Explore Rooms, you should be able to find the charming rooms :slight_smile:

Oh, is it required to use Ubuntu SSO for this or can I continue with my existing account?

I totally did - but the spinner… spinns. (Failed to load rooms)

@jnsgruk - only after the invite I got from you, I managed to get in… It would probably be a good idea to make it easier to get all joined up.

I found this link that perhaps can be the link to use? https://matrix.to/#/#charmhub:ubuntu.com

Yep, I’ve added it to the original post!

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Him I tried to login but UbuntuOne output:

“Unable to process SAML request or attempt”

Hi all,

The error message is usually displayed when a user that is not part of the allowed Launchpad groups tries to use SAML to login on our Matrix homeserver. As a quick reminder, there are two groups of users that can currently login on Ubuntu Matrix homeserver:

  • Ubuntu Members
  • Canonical employees

Having said that, the beauty of Matrix is that any user from any federated Matrix homeserver can join spaces and rooms on the Ubuntu Matrix homeserver. Many of us for example, already had Matrix accounts on Matrix.org or other homeservers. Having a second login is not necessary.

If you have no Matrix accounts and you need a fresh one but you are not an Ubuntu Member or Canonical employee, you can create an account on the matrix.org homeserver. You can also refer to our onboarding instructions for further details and links to other federated homeservers.

I hope this is useful. Please remember that you can report bugs and issues in this GitHub repository.

Dear Mauro,

What do you mean by Ubuntu member? I have Ubuntu One account and have Pro subscriptions.

Hello @branislav.neskovic , thanks for your question. I am happy to help. This is the page that explains Ubuntu Membership: https://ubuntu.com/community/membership

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Thank you for the clarification.

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