Microstack/Openstack Web GUI login Invalid Credentials

I have successfully installed microstack & initialised on a single node.
I am able to interact with Openstack using CLI (microstack.openstack ).

I am able to bring up the login web page for Openstack in a browser (
BUT I am unable to login using credentials stated in installation tutorial ie
username: admin
password: keystone
The response to login is “invalid credentials”?
Using CLI the user list includes “admin”.
Are these the correct login credentials? If not what are they?
If they are then any suggestions as to what is going wrong? Is there a Bug?

Are we talking about this tutorial?

The link to Microstack Install tutorial is:

Interact with Openstack

That tutorial looks out of date. Try the Quickstart hosted with the MicroStack documentation.

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The information helped resolve issue of login.

The tutorial has been updated. Thanks for exposing the issue.