Microstack Cannot create volumes

Hello, I’m getting this error when creating a volume :
schedule allocate volume:Could not find any available weighted backend.

How Can I solve this?

When you went through the microstack init process, did you choose to enable the (experimental) storage option to use a loop-device based cinder LVM backend or did you use the --auto flag?

Yes I did, It was working ok until restarted controller server, We have 2.4 TB on disk space but is having problem by creating two volumes with 50GB each one, it seems there is some limit setup anywhere(?), because if you create 50GB volume then created(add) another 10GB , its doing ok.

I don’t know if this the correct way but I had to expand cinder lvm image located at :

#get device loop

#add new space in Mb
dd if=/dev/zero bs=1MiB of=/var/snap/microstack/common/cinder-lvm.img conv=notrunc oflag=append count=1500
#configure loopback
losetup -c  /dev/loopxx
# resize
pvresize /dev/loopxx
# extend 
lvextend -r -l +100%FREE /dev/cinder-volumes/cinder-volumes-pool

After you did the lvextend the volumes started working for you again? If so, it sounds like there was a space issue in fulfilling the request.

Yes it started to work again. Also sometimes when you remove/delete big volumes throws an Error deleting them. So I had to go on cinder volume table and manually change its values. btw :

journalctl -xef -u snap.microstack.cinder-volume shows:

Stderr: '  Failed to find logical volume "cinder-volumes/volume-0e5d7341-e39a-40bf-bcc1-fb85343ece11"\n' 

It seems is deleting volume and can’t update database record. some sync problem?

thanks for your help.

I am getting the same error, while volume creation i.e.

schedule allocate volume:Could not find any available weighted

I have one server where I have installed single node Ubuntu (21 version) open stack installation.

can someone please help

hi Kupadhy if you have not found anything you can try use --setup-loop-based-cinder-lvm-backend flag and set size of initial disk, you can also try change and extend disk size(if you had used setup-loop-based-cinder-lvm-backend flag) see my previous posts

sudo microstack init --auto --control --setup-loop-based-cinder-lvm-backend --loop-device-file-size 50

hope this helps

I have a similar problem - used ‘sudo microstack init --auto --control --setup-loop-based-cinder-lvm-backend --loop-device-file-size 50’ option as well. creating instance fail with below message for volume. in addition the message for instanace is “Build of instance 6517b499-b1d9-44ae-b534-738b5f3daf53 aborted: Volume 9aa96d81-6bc6-4ed6-acab-73d099bc1a0b did not finish being created even after we waited 3 seconds or 2 attempts. And its status is error.” which i think is result of volume error.

schedule allocate volume:Could not find any available weighted backend.

any idea how can this be fixed?

this worked on virtualbox. failure was on vm machine, running on ubuntu 18.

Can you clarify what this means? You ran this successfully in a virtualbox instance but you failed to run this in another virtual machine of some sort?

ran successfully in a virtual box running on a mac. however i was never able to run in a vmware environment on the top of ubuntu.